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What software for photobooth?
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · What software for photobooth?

Getting into holiday party season, and I've been asked by a lot of my corporate clients to set up a photobooth. Was wondering what people are using, and any tips to get the best setup.

DSLRbooth seems to be the most popular, and it seems reasonably priced for the feature set. Looking for other ideas though before I pull the trigger on something.

FYI - I have everything needed from a hardware standpoint like studio strobes, backdrop and backdrop stand, modifiers, tripod, monitor, and remote pc trigger (ie presentation remote)


Oct 24, 2017 at 09:15 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · What software for photobooth?

A photobooth with DSLR, strobe, and a computer (surface pro, laptop + monitor, etc) was my biggest cause of stress on a wedding day. There area a number of things that you have to do at every single event to ensure everything works ... for example, making sure you plug everything into the exact same usb port EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not to mention the times that Windows decides to freeze up, software stops working, or a USB cord goes bad. Just join a photobooth group on Facebook and see all of the urgent posts on a Friday or Saturday night from people at events not being able to get their booths working.

With that said ... I would HIGHLY recommend going the iPad route. The quality is definitely not as good but you can do some nice things (gifs, boomerang, instagram filters, etc). So far it has run awesome with no issues at all. Easy setup and breakdown. I use Snappic for software.

If you decide to go the DSLR route, best of luck!

Oct 24, 2017 at 10:09 PM

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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · What software for photobooth?

I'm building my own photobooth right now. I purchased Darkroom Booth software, a 22" touch panel LCD and a Hiti dye sub printer. I used to have tripods, lightstands, super clamps etc but it looked too messy. The enclosure I'm building will have everything contained into one box. I'll put casters and handles on one side to make transport easy. This is basically the idea:

BTW, if you decide to use Darkroom, here is a $25 off coupon code they emailed me the other day: 25BOOTH2

Edit: I noticed you didn't mention a printer. I didn't use to offer printing but I found a lot of clients turned down the photobooth option because of that. I bought the Hiti printer from Adorama for $399 which included 2 rolls of paper. I believe it is still on sale.

Oct 24, 2017 at 11:32 PM

Search in Used Dept. 


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p.1 #4 · p.1 #4 · What software for photobooth?

I have built myself 2 booths and run DSLR Booth.
Tried a couple of others and found them too complicated and difficult to setup and or use.

I don't go over the top adding all sorts of features and options, people I have been hired by are very happy just with the 4 poses with a header and footer that spits out the printer on a larger than normal 6x8" size print.

I made the boxes as self sufficient, easy to transport and set up as possible. I have a 10" laptop which is dedicated to the booths. Has only what is needed for the booth plus ACDSee for showing images and running slide shows which I am more comfortable with than the built in for the booth software.

I got the 15" monitors and pulled them apart to make them small as possible. They are held in the box with DIY brackets. Everything in the box is hard wired and I have a power outlet in there as well if I need to run anything extra or intercept a lead that someone else needs to use as well. The boxes have those male sockets on the outside so you just plug a lead to the box direct and there is no cable hanging out.
The boxes have good size handles on the outside so I can get a grip on them for carrying.

I wanted an older style look for the 2nd booth and found old style switches for the start button to be over the top price wise and too small. I printed a design off the net, cut a hole in the middle for a good size Chrome switch and put that in the middle. Looks great. Also printed some other period looking decorations and stuck them to the outside as well and put a layer of clear car wrap over the top for protection. It's held up real well.

I put a 1/2" hole in the top of the box and have a length of all thread rod with some nuts and washers that I secure to the box and supports the strobe head with a brolly right over the top of the box. This gives good lighting with minimal shadows and eliminated the needs for stands and other hazzards.
It's important to have the top of the box so nothing can be put there like drinks which inevitably get spilled everywhere. . If I did another I may be inclined to put a gabled top on it like a pitched roof and have the strobe inside the box going through opaque Perspex.
The lead for the strobe is hard wired into the box at the correct length to eliminate any excess and clutter. All the power leads for everything had the plugs cut off the power point end and then were all hard wired into a junction box which eliminated a LOT of cords and crap in the box making it messy and annoying to work with.

There is a USB hub glued into the box and everything stays connected that end. the leads are routed where they need to go in the box with cable clamps which are nailed inside or the cable is glued. Everything in it's place going to where it has to go exactly and supported all the way. The camera is held in place with a simple L bracket and 1'4" bolt cut to size with a small bar tack welded on for a thumb grip for tightening.
The box has a key lock as I found people like to peer inside and I even had people wanting to take out the laptop and look at what it was doing or download the pics themselves. Usual thing when I pulled them up was "It's OK, I work in IT".
Told a couple, I don't but have a short temper when people touch things of mine without asking.

The first box contained the printer. This required it be much bigger and heavier than the requirements everything else had.
For the 2nd box I made it just big enough to accommodate what it had to. The screen and camera really dictated the size but it's much smaller, lighter and easier to transport than the other one which still fits in a station wagon. Measured the wifes being the smallest vehicle and made it to fit. the smaller one of course is no problem.

With the 2nd booth I made a separate box for the printer. Both booths sit on a folding plastic table with a cloth over it. I can hide my bags and spare supplies underneath and it looks presentable. The book for pasting pics and writing comments goes at the other end and if there is no book we put props there.
The printer box goes under the booth itself which elevates the booth which is good and makes the 2 parts much easier to handle and transport than the big first booth.

Having the printer separate also means I can put it else where. This has been handy in confined areas where putting the book and having everyone milling round looking at the pics away from the booth itself is an asset. I can run a usb cable or send the images wireless. I made the printer box big enough to accommodate 2 inkjet printers I use. I run them in printer pool mode so they can send out 2 prints at a time if set up to do so or if one runs out the other kicks in.
I have always preferred inkers to dye subs for a pile of reasons but they do have the disadvantage of lesser paper capacity. Even so, I can still let the things go for an hour and then come back and top up the paper and they are good to go.
I have found one set of carts ( which I refill) has been enough for any event I have done although they have been empty well and truly by the time it was finished. having the 2 printers eliminated having to change them and I have spare paper trays which I can also preload and shove straight back in eliminating any down time.

I was going to do an enclosed booth with curtains but abandoned that idea. I built the first one at a nephews request for his party and didn't have time to do the booth part. I set up a backdrop and had an open type booth with the machine at the other end to the backdrop.
I got lots of feedback from the kids that it was good to see what other people were doing and they could see the replay on the screen as well.

At the next gig, an engagement party, I was told a couple of times that this booth was much better than the one the people had for their wedding or birthday. On asking why this as better it was pointed out that there were 10 people in the shot at that moment where as the one they had was closed and hard to contain 4 people.
The larger 6x8's, double the normal 6x4's, are a BIG hit every single time.
Even the young ones say they can see the pics so much better than the tiny postage stamp size that come from the 6x4" prints.

I think the key to these is to do what I set out to from the start and make them as pre set as possible. Plug mine into power, set up the head, plug in the printer and camera, fire it up and off it goes. Only thing I could improve is to have an AC adaptor for the camera as on occasion even with the twin battery grip, the camera dies. Probably need to just get some new batteries for the thing.

Like most things, the way you set them up from the start is the key. I have made for the fewest connections and setup as possible and to make it easy and compact to transport. having a dedicated computer and fixed wiring makes a huge difference. The table top design I have has already paid off as some places I have been with the booths would be a freaking night mare to take something you had to trolley in and need a trailer to transport. Would never go down that road.

Been very happy with the DSLR software. I think you can get other programs that are much greater featured with a lot of crap that you would never use, the clients don't care about and makes the program more of a pain in the arse to deal with.

The kiss principal in this game I think pays dividends!

Oct 25, 2017 at 03:27 AM
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p.1 #5 · p.1 #5 · What software for photobooth?

Thanks everyone for the advice. Sounds like DSLRbooth is a good way to go then if I want to go the dslr route.

Oct 25, 2017 at 11:45 PM
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p.1 #6 · p.1 #6 · What software for photobooth?

I use DSLRbooth as well. Even though i paid for the full version, i actually like the trial version better.

Oct 26, 2017 at 05:08 PM

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