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Alla pista da corsa

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I'm fortunate enough to be spending a few years in Italy and one of my passions from the states is the race track. If its a bike or car and its going fast, I like it. I was organizing some time with a local instructor and he invited me down to shoot a track day with some of his friends. I just bought a 70-300mm as my telephoto (my first) and decided that it would be the perfect way to give it a try. I'd carried it on a few other expeditions but found that between my 50mm prime and my 18-55 I can get just about everything I want unless its SUPER far away.

Things I noted:
1) moving objects + hand held moving camera + full zoom = focus hell. I eventually "found" continuous auto-focus and that helped a bit. But once again I'm in awe at anyone that can pan well with a huge lens.
2) 8+ hours of taking pictures and my arms were sore... damn!
3) you can get artsy shots with a 70-300, you just need to really set it up correctly.
4) the 70-300 is a perfect beginner telephoto lens.

So, here they are, massaged in lightroom.
CDS-10-08-2017-7402.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

CDS-10-08-2017-7627.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

CDS-10-08-2017-7232.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

CDS-10-08-2017-7594.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

CDS-10-08-2017-7326.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

CDS-10-08-2017-8140.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr

Oct 12, 2017 at 08:00 PM

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