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Helpful Lightroom Performance Solution
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Hi all,

I've been editing Sony A7rii files via Lightroom on a small cheap 13 inch laptop with i5-6200u dual core CPU. The good thing about the laptop is that it has a small discrete Nvidia 940mx GPU. The specs for the laptop are not very powerful and A7rii files are huge and thus editing can be quite slow.

While playing around with overclocking the GPU the other day to squeeze out more performance, I noticed when editing with "hardware acceleration" enabled, GPU-Z showed my GPU clock speeds were consistently at 135mhz while the GPU was capable of doing 983mhz. Even plugged in, the GPU ran at its minimal clock. I checked in NVIDIA control panel and found that under Lightroom, the laptop was set under optimal battery under power management. I played around with the settings a bit and found only "prefer maximum performance" gave me full speed of my GPU.

At full performance, I noticed a significant improvement in develop mode while zoomed in using local adjustments such as brush and gradient. Performance is nowhere near instant or satisfactory (because, Adobe), but it is a noticeable improvement and lag and wait times for full resolution images to load are minimized. The downside is, this will eat away at your battery life if running full tilt. I've also noticed on my laptop that the speed does not return to minimal speed after I closed Lightroom and I have to change the Nvidia settings back to optimal power. However this may be my laptop specific and your results may vary. You also must make sure that in Nvidia settings the laptop is using your dedicated GPU for Lightroom, not any integrated GPU.

Good luck! Cheers!

Sep 19, 2017 at 03:19 PM

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