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South of Roosevelt Street
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A7R / Cambo Actus / Contax 35/f2.8

I find the performance of this now $250 lens to be quite impressive, especially considering the design is more than 40 years old and it was never intended to be used with a modern digital camera.

Even better still, its image circle is large enough to allow for a modest amount of rise / fall / shift movements on a Cambo Actus, potentially making it even more useful, not "just as good as," many a more modern lens design.

(And late yesterday, I received a Contax 28/f2.8 lens, which initially appears to be an equally good performer, albeit with a slightly smaller image circle. There is also a Contax 50/f1.7 lens now on its way to me...)

Sep 06, 2017 at 12:19 PM

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