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Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm (Red MC) on A7R
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm (Red MC) on A7R

Having tried the lens on my EM-1, I thought I would give it a go on my full frame A7R. I took some shots at f8 and f16. Once more, the gusty conditions were unhelpful and I had to hold the flower stem with one hand and operate the camera with the other. Thankfully, the famous shutter vibration did not add to the difficullties.

The flower in this series of tests is a tool and better images are possible in less-windy conditions. This is about the potential of the lens, which could also be refined.

A tiny crab spider made an appearance in one set but my handling of the flower drove it away.

This time, I used a Marumi Achromat +3 supplementary lens on the front, thus making closer focus possible. Again, there were at the closed focus distance. The f16 is to give DOF comparable with f8 on m4/3.

The images are uncropped.


Harold Gough 2017

At f8

Harold Gough 2017

At f16

Aug 19, 2017 at 06:15 AM

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