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D500 AF Tracking for Field Sports
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Had my D500 for over a year, and have tried/experimented with every form of autofocus setting possible on over 50 games to pull more consistent focus on field sports - mostly football. Have settled on single-point, (where I started) but still have a problem (sometimes) within a series of shots - shot #1, 2, 3 are nailed, #4 is out of focus, #5 is better but not nailed, #6 and 7 are good. This is true whether the subject is alone, or is crowded by other players.

Thinking it is the tracking settings, and have shifted those around a bit - have settled on "2" for Blocked shot response, and in the middle for Subject motion. I shift them around some when I feel like I need to address something/anything...But the problem persists.

It could be that I'm incapable of maintaining focus on the runner with a single point, which does happen. But in series' where I nail the before and after image, but miss the middle one it's my feeling that only some electronic setting is fast enough to alter a setting in the 1/10 sec. before and after to cause the error, and then readdress focus. It would help if Lightroom CC had a setting for autofocus highlighting - earlier versions allowed a plug-in that would allow me to check my focus point with a quick export - but not current in the version that I can find.

I'm not thinking it is a camera problem so much as a setting and/or driver error, but either way, I want to address this. Like most problems, it's far more likely to be the nut behind the viewfinder that needs adjustment, not the equipment.

Anyone else have/solve this problem with a D500?

Aug 18, 2017 at 03:49 PM

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