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5 reasons to add a mascot
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5 reasons to add a mascot

Adding a team or school mascot to your posters, banners, composites, memory mates, traders, etc.
Can be done for any level pee-wee to pro

1. More personalized to those players and parents

2. Makes the design more customized, unique, one-of-a-kind

3. Shows pride for their team/school, that they are united and not just individuals -- Team Pride

4. Not hard to do, so why not

5. More profitable because it's more customized

How to create them:

Ask the school, coach or team mom if there is clip art of the mascot that they can send you. If not, it's very easy to create your own and once created you can use it for this team/school year after year, use for the same teams in that school, unless they change their mascot logo. Then just update it.

I prefer to create a mascot brush to add to my designs. To start (if they don't have clip art to send you) when at the field, gym, wherever, look around for an image of their mascot and take a full frame RAW or highest quality JPEG of it.

Crop close to 5000 px by 5000 px (note: in versions of Photoshop below CC max brush size is 2500 px by 2500 px)

Read more and free mascot overlays

Jun 29, 2017 at 06:40 PM

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