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Collaborative Remote Asset Workflow Software or Service
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Hello - I am looking for software or a service that will allow my team in the US to get daily updates of images and videos generated here in Africa by our students (and myself and others). Something akin to a client proofing gallery, but more robust.

Ideally, I would import the daily take on my local computer and do all the local backups. Previews that are a fraction of the size would be able to generate on a website or program so that remote users are able to catalogue, keyword, rate and pick/reject, images or videos - basically everything I'd normally do myself on ingest. The cataloguing etc. should be sync'd up so that a photo editor or video editor will be see what has been ranked and submitted for processing, and they can produce the content from what's been selected.

I need a solution that is scalable. Right now we generate anywhere from 1000-2000 images a day and hours of footage every week. Internet access is unreliable and slow for uploads - that will be the ultimate bottleneck, I'm sure.

May 23, 2017 at 11:44 AM

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OK so the biggest problem in Africa is usually internet connection (if and when available) and its band width.

On a typicall 2 game drive shoot I take 1200-1500 images with my D5/D500 and D810.

If like me you stay in Camps in National Parks or Reserves - there simply is not the bandwidth to upload vast GBs of RAW files. All I have been able to achieve is a few MBs a day of in the field selected and post processed images - posted onto the flickr and/or a back-up site.

It is even worse when staying in Lodges -- there often being only a limited area in which internet connection is available and many many folk fighting for band width. The two exceptions were the Mara Serena and the Chobe River Safari Lodge where I was able to get a room close to the internet and was connect overnight - so I could run overnight backups.

I use Lightroom CC and Creative Cloud file sharing for select images together with my PP adjustments - this way again I can move a few as opposed to thousands of images overnight. And others can then work on these.

I do all of this in Lightroom CC when in the fields and don't complete any real post processing until I am back home with my large colour calibrated monitors and wacom pad

In summary - you will need to be very selective -- only share the top ranked images; and preferably complete basic import and cropping on the raw file to give your team a clue as to what the end product might look like.

Obviously you should back up the lot onto one or more external SSDs each day AND then integrate the whole lot when you get home.

May 24, 2017 at 04:00 PM
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Thank you for your reply. I have no problems with local DAM. What is needed is something like DF Studio or Libris from Photo Shelter. We work here - so no concern about tents or lodges, but internet always a problem. I'm looking for alternatives to compare.

May 24, 2017 at 07:12 PM

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