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Weekly assignment 306: Overhead
Deadline: August 20th noon UTC/GMT

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Archive 2014 · WA 600 vote closed
Fred Miranda
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · WA 600 vote closed

Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 600! (Theme 'Wind')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
James Markus, Blows Your Hair BackPollPollPoll66%
DianeinCR, Let's go fly a kite!PollPollPoll33%
birdied, Wind Beneath My FeathersPollPollPoll1213%
ruuskan, Windy at the topPollPollPoll44%
72_chevy_truck, Burning WindPollPollPoll66%
JAlexander, Bamboo BreezePollPollPoll1314%
FJR1, Windy, winding walk in the Windy CityPollPollPoll44%
pike40, PinwheelPollPollPoll4850%
Total Votes96100%

« Blows Your Hair Back »
by James Markus
6 votes

« Let's go fly a kite! »
by DianeinCR
3 votes

« Wind Beneath My Feathers »
by birdied
12 votes

« Windy at the top »
by ruuskan
4 votes

« Burning Wind »
by 72_chevy_truck
6 votes

« Bamboo Breeze »
by JAlexander
13 votes

« Windy, winding walk in the Windy City »
by FJR1
4 votes

« Pinwheel »
by pike40
48 votes

Apr 09, 2014 at 12:00 PM

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