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Archive 2013 · PocketWizard® PowerMC2 - Shock Warning!
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Being an owner of the Einsteins and the Power MC2 pocket wizard combo I thought this was worth sharing as I'm sure a lot of photogs on this forum use this combo. Plus I've personally had the antenna cover pop off and never gave it much thought, so if yours is missing.. PLEASE USE CAUTION and call LPA Designs asap to get a new cover shipped to you right away (it's FREE!)


WARNING to PocketWizard® PowerMC2 Customers:
We have identified a potentially hazardous issue with the PocketWizard® PowerMC2 receiver, made by PocketWizard® / LPA Design and designed for use with our Einstein™ flash units.

If the unit’s antenna cover is broken, removed, or in any way damaged, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact PocketWizard®. In rare circumstances, the uncovered antenna can become electrified, posing a very serious shock hazard.

As the PowerMC2 is a product created by PocketWizard® / LPA Design, they are working to correct the issue. Upon discovery of this issue, however, we have ceased sales of all PowerMC2 products until the problem can be resolved to our satisfaction. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Dec 17, 2013 at 04:09 AM

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