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Archive 2013 · Flower Child

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Flower Child

This is a set that was conceived by the MUA. Different type of makeup, but a little bit of experimentation with some shadow play on image 1. Usually I am not a big fan of shadows but I am liking this one. Thoughts.

The rest of the series is at http://watsonphotography.ca/flowerchild

Shadow Play

Oct 28, 2013 at 11:59 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Flower Child

G'day mate,

Cool idea and make up and there's a couple of pics in the gallery that worked well.
I'm afraid these 2 aren't working for me, the lighting is just not right.

In 1 the two shadows aren't good to me and i would have gone with just one, I would have had the light higher and on camera right only.

In 2 The two light are way too low, the side lighting is distracting and annoying. I really want her face to be better lit rather then her shoulder and side of the face. Personally for these type of shots i wouldn't want any shadows and would go with a very clean light. the shadows around her neck is not pleasant especially with the bright spot on her left shoulder.

Not to sound negative but that's what stood out for me.


Oct 29, 2013 at 11:43 AM

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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Flower Child

Appreciate the feedback. These shots were a little bit of experimentation. I think I will go back and have a look at the entire set.

Oct 29, 2013 at 10:33 PM

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