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Archive 2013 · Capture NX2 problem
D Strass
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Capture NX2 problem

I've got a problem with Capture NX2 and am curious if it's my system that's the problem, or if others have found this.

My normal workflow if to open View NX2 and tag photos (stars or color tags) that I want to work on, then go back and filter for those photos and open in Capture NX2.

When I did it this time, the photos I tagged in View NX2 would only open as a totally black box/photo in Capture NX2. If I try other photos in the same folder that I didn't tag, they open just fine.

I tried updating both ViewNX2 and CaptureNX2 (from 2.2.6) with no difference in results. I've tried taking away the tags in ViewNX2 and copying the photos to an new folder. No luck.

I am fairly certain it has something to do with the photos being D7100 files. If I tag photos from my previous camera and open in CaptureNX2, it works fine.

My current version of CaptureNX2 is 2.4.1 (tried 2.4.3 but thought that may be the issue - too new - so installed the slightly older version). ViewNX2 is 2.8.0

Any thoughts? Help?

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:55 PM

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