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Together ...
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Does it work for you?

Sep 14, 2013 at 02:05 AM
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Great capture! I have a personal attachment to images that satorize the absurdity of advertising. The cyclists had to be moving pretty quickly, but the signs and the cycles lined up perfectly. Difficult, diverse lighting though, late afternoon sun? and parts of the image in lower light. I lightened the signs a little for emphasis. With your photoshop skills that are miles above mine I'm sure you could do additional subtle corrections.

Sep 14, 2013 at 04:31 AM
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Well-timed and amusing capture
Love the light...except for the partial shadow on he guy ithe back
However, the statement, timing, overall lighting greatly out way the nit
I agree with eeneryma' s illustrated rework lightening the sign

Sep 14, 2013 at 09:20 PM
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Thanks guys.

Interesting take on the signage. I actually subdued it a bit so it wouldn't compete with the bikes as strongly. +1 @ forehead shadow nit. I'm a bit torn at working it vs. leaving it as is to reflect the "coming out of the shadows" or "into the light" kinda vibe. After seeing them side by side, I think the brighter signage isn't quite as competing as I first thought it might be.

Definitely late afternoon sun @ 20 minutes before sunset, but more like only 5 minutes left before it dropped below treeline/buildings.

Sep 15, 2013 at 01:55 AM

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