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Archive 2013 · Canon ACK-E6 / "decoded" power supply question
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Canon ACK-E6 / "decoded" power supply question

What I am doing is looking for info on the "decoded" pin on the battery-slug/fake battery...which would (should) be pin "C"...there is +, -, T, and C.
Only T is used for recharging, and C has to be the decoded line..
At least, that is what I have figured so far.

I need to know what it is connected to inside...

So, If anyone happens to have a GENUINE Canon ACK-E6 that they have taken apart, or opened up, or happen to have a broken one and are wiling to open it up, etc...it would be greatly appreciated..

I have googled and bing'd just about everything and did not find much at all...so this is my last ditch effort before buying one myself to test out(at quite the cost)..

FWIW: I am building a custom camera cooler mod for someone to use for (solely!) AstroPhotography using a 6D body that is completely gutted and the only things left are what is needed for full control via USB...this "new" camera is being cooled inside a new housing...so, it will be inaccessible and so I cannot use a third party adapter as you get that error "Cannot communicate with this battery" (or something to that effect), and you HAVE to select "Continue" in order for the camera to break free from that frozen state and start normal operation...
The camera will not even connect via USB unless you click continue...
It has been a real PITA...but will be worth it in the end. hopefully

I just do not want to spend >$120 for one and find out it is just tied to ground with a 330Ohm resistor. lol

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Jul 12, 2013 at 05:07 AM

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