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Archive 2013 · Gull, Shrike and Scaup
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p.2 #1 · p.2 #1 · Gull, Shrike and Scaup

How do you not like a bird with a purple head. Beauty. Scene shot is very tranquil! Don

They are colorful , aren't they ! Thanks Don, much appreciated.

Excellent images and composition Birdie. Your new equipment serves you well.

I am partial to the Lesser Scaup


Thanks Tom, it is appreciated.

Great exposures and details in all of these Birdie. Although I like the tranquil scene in the last shot, the scaup is my pick. Congrats on the LS - I'd clone out the curved branch as it doesn't add to the shot for me, and are there some dust bunnies in that shot? In 1 I'm seeing some strange color shift areas in the sky. Does anyone else see them? I may have to give up heavy drinking in the AM if others don't see them... ~ Ron

Ron, I'm the one who needs to give up the drinking while doing post Not sure what went wrong, but have reposted and took your suggestion on the branch, thanks !

These are all nice Roberta,
The Scaup being my favorite.
I like how you used the foreground posts to anchor the scene.

Mark, thank you so very much. Appreciate it !

Good work throughout Roberta! The Scaup is my pick.

Hi Douglas, thanks you !

I love mood photos so I'll take the last...and it would be nice if they moved the mooring a bit to the left...maybe you could get the harbor patrol to do that prior to your next visit..

Thanks Eric! The harbor patrol is a couple of park rangers

Nice work Roberta. The last one is has great atmosphere. Well done.

Thank you Ken. I do like fog , need to get more practice with it

A good set, Birdie.
Me too for the scaup- that's a perfect shot.
I also really like the last image. I'd be tempted to do some significant cropping on the left, though. Perhaps there'a a bit too much space out there considering all the other things in the right half of the pic.

Hi Charlie, glad you like him. I am curious about the snails on him. Maybe they are just hitching a ride. Will play around with the cropping.

Awesome shrike! Nice catch.

Thank you Ashley !


Feb 08, 2013 at 03:16 AM
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p.2 #2 · p.2 #2 · Gull, Shrike and Scaup

hey birdie

nice set of stuff. i really like the last image. have you considered taking the bird out? it would really help to focus the attention on the guy on the doc which in my mind is what makes this image so cool. just an idea...


Feb 08, 2013 at 04:30 AM

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