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Archive 2013 · Ultron 2/40, Zeiss 1.4/35, 2/35, 1.4/50 and Nikkor 3.5/55...
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Ultron 2/40, Zeiss 1.4/35, 2/35, 1.4/50 and Nikkor 3.5/55 samples

Had a boring evening so I decided to take some photos in the kitchen to see the difference in rendering between these lenses. Mainly colour differences. All shot at f/11 at base iso of D3x (100), all edited from raw the same way, with colour calibration on the white tile (Nikkor at a disadvantage as colour fidelity goes, as it's calibrated using a Zeiss lens). The 50P was, compared to the other lenses under-exposed by about stop (!) which is pushed in post (RAW). Don't know if this has to do with aperture being stopped down inaccurately by camera or for other reasons.
Selective d-lighting used conservatively to soften some of the shadows.

Zeiss ZF: 1.4/35 - 2/35 - 1.4/50 (I also have for 2.8/21 - 2/28)
Voigtlander Ultron II: 2/40
Nikkor: Micro 3.5/55
(Tokina 2.5/90 AT-X Pro left out as the photo looked so horrendous I need to go back to see if I botched the RAW conversion.)

Focus (manually using live view on knob of blue metal bread box)
Conclusion, to my eye Voigt and Zeiss have the same colour profile (and otherwise), the Micro Nikkor 3.5/55 does not.
Question: does this say something of optics (glass) and coating?

In order of FL:

Zeiss 1.4/35

Zeiss 2/35


Zeiss 50P

Nikkor 55

Jan 30, 2013 at 08:36 AM

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