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Archive 2013 · nikon D4 lcd
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posted about this a few weeks ago,set up to display image on rear screen when shooting,what happens is the screen
goes really dark making the image hardly visible,then if i switch the monitor off and then on again the image shows up ok,this does'nt happen all the time i could shoot a few hundred frames with no problem then get five or six dark frames
then back to normal.I have the monitor brightness set to auto,but yesterday when this happened while shooting a game i changed it to manual but that was showing way to dark as i usually have it set to -2.,but after a few dark frames it cleared to show the images ok.
When this has been happening i'm using the xqd card,don't know if this is the cause,maybe i should try the cf card on it's own to see if i get the same problem,any of you guys had simular problems.

Jan 27, 2013 at 08:50 PM

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