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Archive 2013 · Optimum JPEG settings for D90
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After admiring this forum for couple of months here is my first post.

I am using D90 with AF-S16-85 3,5-5,6G VR and AF-S 70-300 4,5-5,6G VR.Most of my photos are done while traveling, so landscape, nature and people are main targets. I am using JPEG since I have no knowledge about PP, and also because of a huge amount of photos taken each travel.

What would be the most optimal in-camera settings for JPEG for:

1. landscapes (lot of green colors where I mostly travel)
2. people (skin tones).

Thank you for any advice given. If switching to RAW is unavoidable then also point me to PP software that is most user friendly (could use or iMac or PC).

Thanks a lot to everyone. BTW, fantastic photos here!!!


Jan 11, 2013 at 06:53 PM

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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Optimum JPEG settings for D90

I really like my D90 and the 70-300VR. I wish I had the 16-85...that's a perfect kit for general photography. Add a 50 or 85 f/1.8 and you're done!

The D90 is old so its image processor isn't as advanced as the latest cameras. Still, it can do a nice job. By far and away the best thing you can do for your color is to learn how to set a custom white balance, and Nikon makes it very easy. First, get yourself a good quality WB reference such as the Digital Gray Card by Robin Myers Imaging. It's 15 dollars US, and he mails anywhere. Second, learn the process of setting WB...
1. set the WB to "Pre" and release the WB button.
2. press and hold the WB button for 2 secs, until "Pre" starts flashing.
3. frame the WB card, angled to catch the light and filling the viewfinder, and press the shutter.

That's it...you're ready to shoot with your custom WB. The WB card slips into your back pocket and you're ready to go. It's so easy that I do it every time I step into new light.

After WB, the next thing I would explore are the base Picture controls. You should experiment a little by taking several images of the same scene with different Picture Controls. Here's a tip...you can change the picture control quickly by pressing the info button twice. That gives you access to the Quick Settings menu that's at the bottom of your regular LCD status screen. One of the choices is Picture Control. Press the info button twice, then use the left-right controls to select an option to edit. Then press OK to actually edit the option. The camera will remember your last choice, so if you're playing with picture controls then you can just press info-info-ok and you're in the PC menu.

The one thing people complain about with D90 JPEGs is that they are a touch soft. I've looked into this and I feel that Nikon set the sharpness settings so that you don't get any halos. Halos are bright thin lines surrounding contrasting detail. The lines aren't in the original scene...they're a result of the sharpening process. You can always edit the picture control and increase the sharpness one or two clicks and see if you like the results. The Landscape PC already has sharpness increased, so when experimenting with PCs just keep that in mind.

The D90 has just under 2/3rd stop headroom. That means that when the "Highlights" function of image review starts to show you clipped highlights (blinkies) due to overexposure, the actual RAW data is likely just fine. You can spot meter a bright white object, like copy paper, set your Exposure Compensation to +2.3, and get a nice bright white without clipping. If you were shooting RAW you could go to +2.7...this is one of the reasons why people shoot in RAW.

Jan 11, 2013 at 08:03 PM

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