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Archive 2013 · Rebel T2i vs T4i (from 20D)

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Rebel T2i vs T4i (from 20D)

Hi Guys,
I'm not new here, just lost my old password

Anyways, I want to add a Canon Rebel to my lineup and I'm having difficulties deciding between the T2i and the T4i. It seems that I can pick up the former for 200$ less, which is a significant difference. To help me decide I was hoping someone might be able to answer the following questions

1) Is the shutter quieter in the T4i? I know the T4i sounds more professional, but honestly the shutter on my 20D was so loud, so the T2i sounds like a welcome change. For me it's more about not being obtrusive rather than sounding professional when I take pictures.

2) Is the AF really much better on the T4i than the T2i? How would it compare to the 20D? (I'm not planning to do much video)

3) What is consensus on the HDR feature? It sounds pretty neat, but I don't know if I am better off just doing it on my computer.

4) Is the Digic 5 a big improvement? If it produces noticeably better JPEG's then it might be a deal breaker..

Anything else I should know about? (5fps, flip & touch screen aren't necessary for me)

Jan 05, 2013 at 07:38 PM

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