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Archive 2013 · Forrester's Beach Sunrise

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Forrester's Beach Sunrise

Took the set this morning at Forrester's Beach on Australia's Central Coast. I got some advice recently that if you want to be a good landscape photographer, the best thing you can do is practice waking up early. I was dragging a bit this morning, but the light really made it worthwhile.

I'd love to hear any comments or critique you might have.

First shot of the morning. It was so dark I couldn't actually tell whether anything was in focus or not. Set it to 3m and crossed my fingers. I've shot worse.

#1 | 5DmkIII | 24-150mm f/4 | ISO 400 | f/11 | 30" | 35mm

The dramatic lens flare here was actually caused by having my graduated filter in the front slot instead of the rear.

#2 | 5DmkIII | 24-150mm f/4 | ISO 100 | f/16 | 0.5" | 60mm

Really different rock formations at Forrester's make for some interesting waves and combinations of still and rough waters.

#3 | 5DmkIII | 24-150mm f/4 | ISO 100 | f/13 | 0.5" | 50mm

The light was beautiful this morning. I did virtually no post processing on these images.

#4 | 5DmkIII | 24-150mm f/4 | ISO 100 | f/13 | 0.3" | 40mm

Thanks for looking.

Jan 03, 2013 at 12:12 PM

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