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Archive 2012 · Sold: or FS Sony RX1 w/ Accessories for Sony A99
Vern Dewit
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Sold: or FS Sony RX1 w/ Accessories for Sony A99

 Item updated in the last 24 hours Item price reduced in the last 24 hours   Sony RX1 w/ Viewfinder / Hood / LCD cover for Sony A99 - MINT LNIB

Item Withdrawn

Price: $3,400.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new
Shipping instructions: Canada Post with Tracking

This is mostly a feeler to see if anyone out there is interested in trading their LNIB Sony A99 with or without battery grip for my LNIB, basically brand new Sony RX1 with OEM lens hood, LCD cover and EVF. Also includes a Match Technical release button accessory as shown in the photos below. I'm located in Calgary, Canada but will trade xborder to the USA with established members only (obviously!!).

I may be interested in selling (so I can buy an A99) but only for the price indicated - I'm not looking to lose a whole bunch of $$$ on a brand new purchase that I love as much as this one. Remember - the RX1 is $3K in Canada so my total was close to $4K with the accessories and taxes.

Also interested in the 28-75mm, 24-70mm or 35mm f/1.4 with the A99.

The only reason I'm looking into this option is that I love the files from the RX1 and want to experience more of them with different focal lengths in the A99. I'm not sure my marriage can survive me owning BOTH cameras...






Dec 30, 2012 at 10:44 PM

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