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Archive 2012 · Songbirds (after taking advise) - CC sought
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Songbirds (after taking advise) - CC sought

Please reference here. The two things I got from that thread was to not crop so tightly and to increase the DOF. So, here is another attempt. Any CC is welcome, even if I still messed up.

All pics are with a Canon 7D, 800mm lens, ISO 400, -.33 EV, tripod mounted, off camera fill flash (not a better beamer but truly off camera, aperture priority mode. NO extension tube this time to move farther back. My goal is to get maximum pixels on the bird to print large. All the pictures should be the same distance from the camera.

1. Female Cardinal. The cardinals are pretty massive compared to some of the other songbirds. As a benchmark, this is a full frame shot. Nothing cropped. This is the full 18 mp.

F9.0, 1/80 sec.


2. Pine Siskin? I know the head is slightly OOF. It's that pesky DOF. Some crop here. About 13 mp. I feel some detail is lost.

F10.0 1/50 sec.


3. Chickadee. Big crop. These things are tiny compared to the Cardinals. 8 mp. Maybe its my eyes but it looks like a lot less detail me compared to the cardinal.

F10.0 1/40 sec


Any CC welcome. I know some might think 1/40 far to slow. but this is on a rock solid tripod, current Canon 4 stop IS (I think), and wired remote shutter release. The birds in the referenced thread were mostly at F6.3 or F7.1 but at higher shutter speeds. In general, my sense is that some detail is lost at F10.

Opinions? Maybe there is some motion blur in here?

Dec 02, 2012 at 11:00 PM

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