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Archive 2012 · First post

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This is my first image post. I have been looking at great photos of some of you and guess its now time to post.
Please constructively criticize my work if need be.

1. From a Krishna festival of India







Nov 28, 2012 at 07:44 AM
Jim Rickards
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Welcome to the forum!

You have a lot of sharp images and interesting subjects in this set.

As for constructive criticism, the main things I see are compositions and backgrounds.

#1 There is another person behind this lady. Just scroll the image on your screen until that person is mostly hidden. Look better? The microphone is another problem, and hard to fix. Objects often look better if they are not cut off, like the microphone is.

#2 It's a good view of his face and hair. Again behind your subject is a distraction - another person. In this case you might want to clone out that person carefully. The microphone in front is again a small problem that is hard to deal with. Show the instrument in full, rather than cutting off the end of it with you composition.

#3 I would have "aimed" further to my right for this shot and included her shoulder. The person on our left side would then be hidden - a good thing.

#4. Nice shot of this guy. But get rid of the bright light distraction behind him. It competes with his face for attention. Crop just at the top of his head and it will be gone. You might want to crop the bottom, just below his elbow too.

#5. She is exposed very well, but we can't see her hands. You need to have them in the picture.

#6. Another shot that looks good, but this time you aimed too far to your right. You need her hair in the photo more than the empty space in front of her.
What is causing you to miss these compositions? Could it be putting your focus point on your point of focus and not noticing the edges?

#7 Wonderful shot is some ways, but again you missed having them all in the frame.

Keep at the compositions. Once you start thinking about them and notice the edges of your frame, you'll get better results.

Nov 28, 2012 at 10:01 AM
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Welcome to the Forum. Here are my general thoughts on what I see.

1. Composition wise all are centered. Think about the basic rules to composition and look to use the rule of thirds as a starting point to make your images more interesting to look at.

2. You have cropped a few very awkwardly I am assuming to cut something else out of the shot. Watch for cutting off joints and hands.

3. Think about what you are trying to show. ? are you trying to take an above average shot our just a snap shot? If you are going for something unique or different than what others will be taking then look to shoot from an angle or a position that most won't go to so that the viewpoint is different.

Just a few basic thoughts.

Nov 28, 2012 at 09:48 PM

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Thanks Jim and Tdurnan for your positive feedback. They are going to be of great use in future editing/photo sessions.

Nov 28, 2012 at 11:25 PM

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