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Archive 2012 · For PW TT1/TT5 CTL users
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · For PW TT1/TT5 CTL users

I was messing around today with the PW utility and some firmware updates. Afterwards I decided to try using the TT1 w/AC3 and a couple of TT5's with Nikon flashes attached. Nothing new there except the TT1/AC3 was atop my Fuji X100. Per the release notes, I was setting the flash output manually and remotely using the AC3 and it worked as good as it does on one of my Nikons. You obviously have to configure the TT1 to send CTL signals and the flashes have to be in TTL mode, the TT5 on the same CTL channel. But you get A, B and C groups too. Its just an extension of setting power levels with the TT1/AC3 off camera and yes it works with the triggers for Elinchrom and Einstein units too. This might have been covered here already but I don't recall seeing it posted. If so, sorry for the repeat.

I read about this feature a month or so back but never got around to trying it out. Kind of a neat thing for me in that I shoot speedlights off camera manually about 95% of the time and now I can set power levels remotely with any camera I own. I did see a Marc Wallace video where he does this with the new Sekonic meters too. Same functionality.

Nov 26, 2012 at 02:59 AM

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