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Archive 2012 · Sold: WITHDRAWN Versatile Transformer tripod by Benro A...
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Sold: WITHDRAWN Versatile Transformer tripod by Benro A1980F with flip lock legs LNIB

 Item updated in the last 24 hours Item price reduced in the last 24 hours   Benro A1980F aluminum tripod with flip lock legs LNIB

Item Sold

Price: $119.99
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new
Shipping instructions: CONUSA ONLY

Benro A1980F aluminum tripod with flip lock legs LNIB
I bought this in this condition intending to take it along on a recent trip.
Stupid me, left it at home and no I longer need it.
It seems t be very well made indeed. Rumor, pure rumor no personal knowledge implied, has it that the company that owns Benro was in the running to build the Gitzo Tripods when they were testing companies for outsourcing manufacture to China thus the eery similarity.
This seems perfect for Macro ground level work
Watch the Video:
From the Mfg:
Product Description
Capture steady photos with your camera, by mounting it onto the Benro Versatile A1980F aluminium tripod. The head-mounting screws in this Benro tripod help in securing the head on the tripod plate. You can independently lock each leg of this aluminium tripod in different angles for convenient placement in cramped quarters, or on uneven terrains. Fitted with an anti-rotation grooved center column, this Benro tripod offers increased stability. Equipped with rubber and stainless steel spiked feet, the legs of the Benro Versatile A1980F tripod firmly grip the surface it is placed upon, to provide stability while shooting. What's more, this Benro tripod comes with a shoulder strap and a carrying case for taking it along comfortably.
Benro A1980F Versatile Transformer Tripod incorporates all of Benro's latest technology and materials. Utilizing full magnesium alloy castings for greater performance, more stable vibration reduction and lighter weight than comparable aluminum alloys.
Featuring the new Benro flip lever leg lock design, setup is faster and smoother than ever before. The Versatile Transformer provides photographers with the ability to rotate and angle the center column in virtually any required configuration.
Machined Aluminum alloy legs, the Versatile Transformer is the most versatile erformer.
Specifications Top Plate or Base Plate Diameter 2.2in Maximum Load 13.2lbs Product or Folded Height 19.9in Maximum Height w/Column Retracted 51.6in Maximum Height 62in Leg Size 1 Leg Sections 4 Leg Lock Type Flip Lock Independent Leg Spread Yes-with 3 stops
Head Mount 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 Foot Mount Screw Thread 3/8 Foot Type Removable Rubber-Spiked Foot Size 20mm Weight 3.9lbs / 1.77kg
Link to the mfg:

Nov 11, 2012 at 11:57 PM

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