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Archive 2012 · Keren & Zach e-sess in Boston
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Keren & Zach e-sess in Boston

Hi all,

Here's another engagement session. We decided to simply walk around one of Boston's central arteries. Apparently, it also doubles as a miniature park.

As always, C&C is strongly encouraged. Thanks!

1. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v57/p1237001238-5.jpg
2. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v73/p1237001780-5.jpg
3. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v73/p1237002068-4.jpg
4. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v57/p1237002774-5.jpg
5. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v72/p1237003042-5.jpg
6. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v65/p1237003220-4.jpg
7. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v66/p1237004426-4.jpg
8. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v68/p1237005560-4.jpg
9. http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v72/p1237005650-5.jpg
10 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v56/p1237005760-4.jpg
11 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v73/p1237005894-4.jpg
12 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v63/p1237004608-4.jpg
13 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v57/p1237010716-5.jpg
14 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v72/p1237010732-5.jpg
15 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v65/p1237010990-5.jpg
16 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v60/p1237011122-4.jpg
17 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v60/p1237011516-4.jpg
18 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v55/p1237012476-4.jpg
19 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v71/p1237013098-4.jpg
20 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v62/p1237012574-4.jpg
21 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v54/p1237013812-5.jpg
22 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v63/p1237014416-4.jpg
23 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v62/p1237014444-4.jpg
24 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v58/p1237015318-5.jpg
25 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v57/p1237016998-4.jpg
26 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v72/p1237017036-4.jpg
27 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v62/p1237017462-5.jpg
28 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v64/p1237017508-5.jpg
29 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s1/v57/p1237017544-4.jpg
30 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v69/p1237017898-4.jpg
31 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v58/p1237018152-4.jpg
32 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v68/p1237018552-4.jpg
33 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v59/p1237018626-4.jpg
34 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v63/p1237018900-4.jpg
35 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s2/v60/p1237019088-4.jpg
36 .http://www.nedelcuphotography.com/img/s4/v65/p1237019380-4.jpg

Nov 04, 2012 at 01:23 AM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Keren & Zach e-sess in Boston

Some really nice shots here. A couple suggestions. One, shooting wide open can create some very nice bokeh, but a short DOF doesn't always work. 8 and 21 and 29 are examples where a wider DOF would have worked nicer, in my opinion.

Also, again just my opinion, but when you shoot a silhouette, have them going in for a kiss, but still separate so their noses don't blend together.

You've got some really nice shots here, and I'm sure your client will be very happy.

Nov 04, 2012 at 05:10 PM
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p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Keren & Zach e-sess in Boston

Not a bad set overall, but I would take out some images. I think the focus is too far off on some with the shallow DOF and would remove those. The ones with the cab don't quite work for me, especially 16 because the focus is on the cab rather than the couple.

The skin smoothing seems too strong on the last ones taken at night.

It can be hard with some couples, but it would help to have more interaction with each other in the photos, like there is in 18 and 25. It seems like they are looking off into the distance too often.

One other little thing is his arm in 24 is awkward. With just a little adjusting that could be a great photo because the composition and lighting are awesome.

I'm sure they will enjoy the photos.


Nov 05, 2012 at 02:52 AM

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