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Archive 2012 · Destination wedding tips.
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Robin Usagani wrote:
dont submerge your cards in salt water!


I remembered this but forgot my cell phone when I was in water shooting a destination bridal session in HI. The phone is totally dead.

So I had a good excuse to upgrade to the new Iphone 5

Dec 02, 2012 at 04:15 AM
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here's one shot from the wedding.

things i've learned:

even the think tank airport commuter wouldn't fit in a commuter plane. they tried to make us check it, but my 5 foot tall girlfriend said she could fit it under the seat in front of her. definitely didn't fit and she spent the hour long flight to DC with her feet on top of the bag. total trooper.

buying our plane tickets from priceline usually means we get boarded in zone number 7 or whatever is last. which means that by the time that we normally get on the plane, all the overhead bins are taken which means...gate check. so i may or may not have limped on the plane when they asked if anyone needed extra time to board.

we scouted for 4 days prior to the wedding and every day at the same time, it was beautiful light and kind of overcast. But the day we go to shoot the portraits...the brightest sun i've ever seen.

I thought I could travel light and not bring an einstein and a vagabond mini because i thought my 580 ex2's would be able to handle the sun down there. big ol' nope on that one.

we spent way too much money on mai tais.

Dec 05, 2012 at 04:04 PM

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