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Archive 2012 · D3 and CF card issues

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · D3 and CF card issues

Hoping someone here can help me with a bit of a problem I am having.

I recently bought a used D3 that doesn't play nice with some Sandisk CF cards. In most instances the camera will read and write to the Sandisk cards that I own, but with a handful of them I have the following problem:

While in Slot 1, the camera will not read the card. It gives a CHA error on the top LCD and a "card cannot be used" error on the rear screen. The camera will not format these cards either. Now, if I move the card over to Slot 2, the camera will read, format, and write to the card. Again, this only happens with a handful of cards but when it does happen it is by the sames rules listed above; will work in Slot 2, not in Slot 1.

Cards affected are of different sizes and UDMA specs. So far this is what gives me issues: Sandisk 16gb, 30mbps, non UDMA; Sandisk 8GB 60mbps UDMA, Sandisk 8gb, 45mbps, non UDMA.

Cards that work have been: Old non-UDMA 4gb cards, New 32gb 60mbps UDMA cards, newish 16gb 90mbps UDMA. This issue seems to hit specific cards of varying types; really odd behavior.

Camera is on firmware 2.02 A/B.

I'd guess it's a problem with the card slot, but what makes me question that is that some cards work just fine with the slot. I'd question the fidelity of the card but they work just fine in slot 2 and in my other D3.

Aside from any general advice people can give me, I did want to specifically ask if it's possible to re-update the firmware? Or will the camera have issues if this is attempted?

I still need to attempt a factory reset to see if that helps.

Thanks for any and all advice offered!

Oct 06, 2012 at 01:58 PM

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