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Archive 2012 · Burton Photo Packs

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Burton Photo Packs

Hey everyone,

I haven't had much time to post on the forums yet, but figured I'd start somewhere. I wanted to share with you guys some packs that Burton Snowboards is making these days. Not sure if any of you have had experience with them, but I personally am diggin' them. I've had some experience with all 4, but have used the Zoom and F-Stop the most. Great for on-snow shoots, snowboarding, skiing, backpacking, hiking, etc. One of my favorite features, which seems funny, is the F-Stop's great reinforced waterproof material on the bottom that helps prevent having to dry your pack after a day on the hill. Hate drying my pack daily. Just had a trip to New Zealand with the Zoom pack, worked out great. Carried all my gear on with me in this pack, along with my laptop, and other random stuff. Blotto and the Burton crew all use these packs roughly 300 days a year on the hill, the streets, and back country. A lifetime warranty on bags from Burton isn't too bad either. Never thought Burton would make a legit photo pack, let alone offer a lifetime warranty. The 1st views all just link to the image on the Burton site, but the 2nd views are all interior shots. I'll just show you guys some of their packs starting with the least expensive and ending with the most expensive.


Also, just to clarify I am not selling anything. Thanks!

1. Resolution Pack [27L] - $134.95

Low-profile, action-ready organization for the digital age. Keep lenses, bodies, batteries and accessories at your fingertips, edit on-site thanks to a padded laptop compartment.
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2. Zoom Pack [26L] - $154.95

The original photo pack—as skilled on the hill as it is on the streets. Mobile and low-profile with padded, customizable storage and full-zip back panel for instant access to your entire arsenal.

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3. Focus Pack [30L] - $189.95

See it, shoot it, file it. Customizable camera-specific compartments to keep your entire kit protected and at the ready. Padded laptop compartment for on-site editing.

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4. F-Stop Pack [28L] - $239.95

For those who make a living behind the lens. Field developed and tested by our team of pro photographers with backcountry-grade capabilities that are just as at home on the street. For those follow snowboarding - Blotto's personal pick

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Definitely worth checking out! Especially if there is a Burton store around you.

Sep 26, 2012 at 03:15 AM

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