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Archive 2012 · B&W "Contact Sheets" with Flat Bed Scanner
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Hi all:
I have some priceless family negatives. They are all B&W, 645 (2 1/4" x 1 5/8"). I have about 250 rolls, 16 per roll. I want to put the 16 frames in archival 8.5"x11" pages and scan an entire roll at once (still in the pages, so I don't handle them, then make a B&W contact sheet). My trusty old HP 4890 Scanjet and Vuescan did a very nice job on the first 10 rolls, then died. I replaced it with an Epson V500 and found out the transparency adapter in the lid only accepted a narrow strip in the center of about 4 or 5 negatives. I returned it. I then purchased an HP G4050, with a full size transparency adapter in the lid. I tried one roll, and it takes forever to make a preview (I mean minutes), and even longer to make a scan. In fact it was so slow, I thought it was defective. It is going back to B&H. This scanner is really not practicle for what I need to do. I ordered an Epson V700, as all the reviews say it is about as good as you can get. I must also add, that I DO NOT intend to make final film scans for big prints with the flat bed. I have a Polaroid 120 Sprintscan 4000 dpi dedicated film scanner that handles negs to 2.25"x3.25". My work flow has been to place the negs in the pages, lay the page on the bed, select an ouput resolution of only 300 dpi (contact sheet resolution....I do not need more than this), then use my office laser printer for a quick and dirty look at what is on the negs. This has worked very well using the old (dead) scanner. The edges of the negs on the perimeter of the pages get slightly cropped, as the transparency adapter is only about 8"x10", but I can live with this.
Any tips ? I use Vuescan, but the V700 comes with a version of Silvefast, which I have no experience with. I like Vuescan, because it is straight forward: set input parametes and output parameters, and where you want the scans filed. This is a VERY important family project, so any and all help is appreciated.
Thanks for any advice in advance.
Best regards
Dave in NJ

Sep 21, 2012 at 06:58 PM

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