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Archive 2012 · Need Pricing advice when starting out
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Need Pricing advice when starting out

Looking for advice from experienced people on what seems to currently work best.

You spend time for packing, travel, unpacking, actual shooting, packing, travel, unpacking and then finally editing the photos. This doesn't even include the cost of your equipment.

What do you feel works to pay for your time and talent and photo editing?

1) Charge higher pricing for session and attractive pricing on prints?
$150-200 for a 1 hour on-location session
$7 4x6, $15 5x7, $25 8x10

2) Attractive pricing for session and higher print pricing?
$100 for a 1 hour on-location session
$10 4x6, $20 5x7, $40 8x10

3) What sells better, prints or digital files?

4) How do you price your digital files? If the customer were to buy a digital file, then there seems to be no incentive to buy any type of print. Need 20x30 gallery wrap, buy the digital file and print at Costco.

$5 for .3mpx for Facebook
$10 for 1mpx to print nice 4x6
$30 for 4mpx to print nice 8x10

5) What about a CD/DVD of the 20-30 best photos you would show the client from their 1 hour session?
$50 for .3mpx
$100 for 1mpx
$300 for 4mpx

I keep coming across to not price yourself cheaply and that people like digital files more than prints.

I also have seen comments that people seem to do well with one on one review of photos with client and do print or digital orders at that time. I assume you would not show the photos to the client until that time so that they get excited at first sight of the photos and that's when they are most inclined to buy buy buy
sending a link to review the photos and then have a one on one to order what they like.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Sep 02, 2012 at 10:02 PM

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