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Archive 2012 · LR4 import help request

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · LR4 import help request

Something has changed recently in LR4, which Ive been using since it came out and I cant figure out what...

Previously when I edited a file in CS6 and saved it as a .psd or .tiff it would automatically import to the folder that the raw file originated in and show up in LR4 as such. If I later modified that file in CS6 and saved again as another file and name as .psd or .tiff, saved in the same folder on my computer it typically it would not show up automatically in LR4 and I would have to manually import it...no big deal.

Suddenly when I do this LR4 is importing the files and renaming them, for example...
typical file name may be 120902-0001.psd, if I work on it in CS6 in LAB color space and wish to save it as separate file I would save as 120902-0001L.psd and as mentioned above would typically have to import this new version into the LR4 folder manually.
As of last eve LR4 is importing them as re-named files using name of its choosing, for example as 120902-0001-2.psd

The last time I imported an entire set of images was last week, and I used LR4 to rename (rather than Nikon Transfer...since it was crashing and I was getting tired of that), however I have added psd and tiff files since then and its has gone the normal way, I have double checked and do now have the "rename files" option de-selected to make sure, and this hasn't changed anything. I have also tried both "copy" files and "move" files and see no change.

Help / suggestions greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance!

Sep 02, 2012 at 05:59 PM

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