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Archive 2012 · Video Footage Price & Fees

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So I just shot some video footage as a test shoot for a large land development company I freelance for, mainly photography. One of the tech and web designers is trying to get me in with the higher ups and wanted to see what I got! So I shot a quick video at a farmers market they put on and they loved it. They flew out there big Marketing firm/video people from Canada to shoot the "legit" video a few weeks later. Once the team returned to Canada from Hawaii, they contacted me and wanted to use some of the footage I shot at the farmers market and also wanted me to shoot some glide cam shots walking into one of the homes for sale. The development is paying this firm a lot of money to pull off these projects. Flights, gear, hotel, expenses, while I'm just a local guy trying to save them money but also grow my relationship with them.
I found out today that the videos were up, my friend in tech told me that I need to invoice the marketing firm for my time. The farmers market took 2 hours to shoot, and the 2nd took around an hour. We are all photographers here but with the whole video realm moving so quickly, we need to be prepared for these assignments and have pricing on demand when clients ask for these services. Rather then having them outsource, we can expand our territory. Any help would be much appreciated. Questions welcome as well.

Aug 24, 2012 at 09:40 AM

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