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Archive 2012 · Lacie 2big quadra issues

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Lacie 2big quadra issues

I recently tried to take what I think is a failed hd from a lacie d2 Hd quadra 500g
and put it in one of the slots on my lacie 2big quadra. I figured if it didn't work in the 2T quadra than it was bad. It lit up red and wasn't recognized by my mac. So I took it out and replace the original 1T back into the slot and now i get a blinking blue light followed by a solid red.
the two lights on the back are both solid blue (indicating functional disk's. The Hd appears to be correctly inserted into the slot. If i remove it, it would seem to me that it should work with just the one hd. It still gives me solid red light on front.
any suggestions. 2T hd was working fine before I decided to play with it. I've tried everything except change the RAID setting. Its currently set to fast.
Not sure if changing that would really screw me up, If I'm not already.

Owner Manual Says.....
In LED Status Indicator page is says under the "if the format LED is:

Solid Red

"and the rear LED is:"

solid red (failed disks) and solid blue (functional disks)

"and the RAID mode is all ( mine, i believe set to fast not all)


One or more drives have failed or are improperly inserted ; RAID is not functional

Lots of photos that i would love to get back!!

Aug 16, 2012 at 11:30 AM

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