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Archive 2012 · carry bag for 5D3 - body only?
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · carry bag for 5D3 - body only?


Whilst travelling overseas, I tend to carry my 5D3 separate from its lenses.

I experimented with a crumpler karachi outpost and a Tamrac Expedition 6x, but found neither to be suitable for my needs - they are great bags for carrying camera gear, but when on the road for 5-6weeks at a time across multiple continents, I need to be able to use one carry-on bag which holds a lot more than just camera gear.

Consequently, I've been using my Targus XL backpack as my carry-on: http://www.targus.com/us/productdetail.aspx?regionId=7&sku=TXL617&PageName=Backpacks%20for%20Laptops%20by%20Targus%20USA&productCategoryId=4&bucketTypeId=0&searchedTerms=&navlevel1=&cp=&bannertxt=Backpacks%20for%20Laptops

That bag enables me to carry onto the plane all of my camera gear, chargers, cables, laptop, plus clothes, etc.

To protect my lenses, I've been carrying them in their padded fabric boxes.

Usually, I roll up a pair of trousers and put them at the bottom of the largest section of the Targus bag so as to provide some padded protection to all of the camera gear whilst the bag is on the ground.

My 5D3 body has been slipped into the bag on its own, carefully surrounded by other gear. I'd like to put it into a thin protective bag whilst travelling to protect against scratches and also the risk of the cover falling off the body and exposing the sensor.

Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable bags for a 5D3 body? Links appreciated!

Sewing up some neoprene comes to mind as a possible solution.


Aug 08, 2012 at 08:48 AM

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