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Archive 2012 · Hybrid Ring Flash..your thoughts..
Sunny Sra
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Okay — maybe it’s trying to reinvent the wheel, er, ring flash, but this could be an interesting gadget: Chinese company CononMark has unveiled a flash system that looks like a cross between a ring flash, speedlights, bracket flash and modeling lights.

Some of the flash highlights include four LED lights for video lighting or modeling lights, plus the four speedlight-like flash heads that can be positioned independently in different directions. The flash heads also include diffuser panels and bounce cards. Finally, the flash has a wireless triggering system via a transmitter that mounts on the hot shoe. It looks like it could be a versatile system with a lot of flash types packed into one device — though if you already own a ring flash, speedlights and brackets — it may be redundant or make more sense to own the items ΐ la carte.

The CononMark iQ was presented at the Shanghai Photo & Imaging trade show this month, according to Lighting Rumors — and no word on the price or availability yet.

Jul 18, 2012 at 01:48 AM
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Ring light is a somewhat specialized tool used when dead flat lighting is desired. Flat lighting works well in glamour and fashion shots where the photographer collaborates with a MUA.

The photographer's flat lighting gives the MUA a "blank canvas" on which to create the illusion of 3D shape on the face with the makeup in ways that isn't possible with lighting. The light casts shadows revealing what is actually there, the MUA starting on a flat lit face can improve on what's there, or tone down one feature like the nose so more attention is drawn to the eyes or mouth.

Depending on the context and desired look for the shot one's tastes the characteristic circular catchlights look weird or cool. As with most things its not matter of being good or bad, but working to create the desired reaction on the part of the viewer. The odd ring catchlights work better in glamor / fashion shots than in a conventional portrait.

The four flash arrangement would create four separate catchlights rather than the characteristic ring. That might work in some shots, not in others. In terms of economics unless one already had four speedlights a $400 Buff ring light would and inverter for location shooting would be a better investment.


When Paul Buff brought his $400 ring light to market a few years ago he couldn't keep them in stock because everyone wanted one, including those who had avoided ever putting a flash near the camera axis because they thought it was "bad" or "boring" lighting. The demand tapered off once photographers got them they discovered what I mention above, it's a somewhat specialized tool.

One of the features of the Buff ring light is an accessory "moon unit" softbox and masks to create patterned catchlights. The moon unit also allows the ring light to do double duty on a light stand as a conventional round SB. See: http://www.paulcbuff.com/abr800.php

Jul 18, 2012 at 01:04 PM
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that's interesting. Looks like there are quite a few new things that can be tried with this one, but it sure is bulky...

Jul 24, 2012 at 12:55 AM

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