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Archive 2012 · How to price your work ?
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · How to price your work ?

I posted this in Landsacpe forum but was redirected here, so here is my posting.

Most of time we all are trying to find right moment/opportunity to progress in whatever we are doing, Sometimes opportunity finds us, here is a situation similar to later. I'm by no means a professional landscape photographer, I normally shoot people (easier money compared to Landscapes). But Landscape has always been my favorite -

My current gear is
5Dmkii + 60D
70-200F2.8L ISii
100F2.8L IS macro
580EXii flash + 430EXii Flash
Tripod (nothing fancy but routine carbon fiber tripod that can hold 5DMKii with 70-200 on it)

I've shot fair amount of landscape so far for my personal enjoyment and collection. Now one of my friend who owns place on Lake George wants to get into selling Landscape pictures on larger canvas and as merchandise for tourists and he has asked me to help him out with photography aspect, he is willing to invest in making products as well as marketing and selling them. I need to be photographer for him who can give him landscape images that he can sell.

So how do I price my work ?
1) Images that are already in my collection and he wants to sell - how to price those ?
2) New Images that he wants be to take by going around upstate NY - Adirondacks and Lake George Area. So how to price those ?

I understand that Landscape photography is not a easier job, you need to be at location at certain time to capture things and you'll have to haul your gear to location and deal with elements and bugs and animals. So are there any tips from pros here for someone who is just starting out and need some directions.

I've some images that my friend really liked and would like to market them after few more enhancements.

Here is bit of catch-22, he wants me to not publish/showcase my work anywhere online or at any other location except selling thru him. I could perfectly understand his point as it gives bit of sense of exclusivity and people pays for things that are not dime a dozen online. I've never done any sort of selling like this and he is also starting into this field although he has established business in hospitality in this area and doing pretty well. He is looking more for branching out from what he is doing currently. Landscape photography is not a bread and butter for me either, it is more of something I personally love to shoot.

Jun 06, 2012 at 03:27 PM

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