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Archive 2012 · Epson 3880 and Museo Portfolio Rag?
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Epson 3880 and Museo Portfolio Rag?

I am still new to Printing and I am not smart enough to think of any other way to find the best printing paper for particular images than trial and error
I have purchased a few Sampler Packs ( Moab, Hahnemuehle, Epson, Museo ) and stick with the Matte papers
Yesterday I decided to try out MUSEO PORTFOLIO RAG on an image, downloaded the ICC profile for my printer from the Museo website and the results on this image were terrible - washed out colors.
It was an image of a Death Valley Sand Dune if that matters
I was so surprised by the result that I tried it again on my favorite ( so far ) paper.... MOAB Entrada Rag Natural - and it turned out much, much better
I continued the experiment by printing two other images using the last two sheets of Museo Portfolio Rag in the sampler pack and each time the image came out far better on the Moab Entrada Rag Natural

What should I make of this?

  1. Are there good papers that don't perform well on particular printers?
  2. Could it be that the Moab ICC profile for my printer is a better profile than the Museo profile for thier paper?

Any comments from more experienced printers would be greatly appreciated as a way of speeding up my learning curve


Apr 15, 2012 at 12:42 PM

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