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Archive 2012 · 600EX-RT with EXTERNAL Triggers and Studio Lights

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · 600EX-RT with EXTERNAL Triggers and Studio Lights

I picked up three of the 600EX-RT's and have been doing some experimenting and found something that I thought might be of interest.

I currently use Einstein studio lights with their respective modules and also have 4 CSRB+ that I use with my external flashes. I chose the "plus" models because I can set them up on different channels to selectively turn on/off my flashes using the Cyber Commander. With my previous Canon flashes I had to set everything manually on my 580's. My hope was that with the new flashes I could have control over everything remotely using my Einsteins combined with my 600EX-RT's. I have a ST-E3-RT on order but haven't received it yet which will allow me to keep all of the 600EX-RT's off the camera although with what I am doing now they are all of the camera, I just need to access the Master Flash to change settings for it and the slaves.

Here is what I found - I have my 600EX-RT's marked as A (master), B (slave) and C (slave). I put them all in manual mode through the master in Groups. If I use the master to set the output levels and then trigger my flashes with the Cybersync they all fire - HOWEVER - they do not receive the proper settings unless I first press the TEST BUTTON on the master. After doing one test the settings are sent over and then I can trigger the flashes with my Cybersync. If I want to change the output levels I do so on the master and then must press the test button to update the slaves. I would think this would carry over to all remote triggers that are connecting on the synch port.

So the good news is with one master, or the ST-E3-RT once I receive it, I can control the output of all my Canon flashes remotely while using the Cybersync Commander to control the Einsteins and then firing everything together using the CSRB+'s on the remote flashes and the Buff transmitter. What I was really hoping is that one trigger on the master would also trigger the slaves but even using a hot shoe adapter I wasn't able to get this to work. It's strange because pressing the test button triggers all the flashes but triggering the flash from a synch cord of the CSRB+ does not, even when placed on the hotshoe. Had that worked it would have been an awesome solution to only need one CSRB+ on the master. If anyone finds a solution that works around this I would love to hear about it.

So overall I am very happy. I love the group function of the flashes because I can manually control up to 5 groups. The bummer is this only works on 2012 or later cameras. I tried it on the 5D II and although you can go into the flash to access groups as soon as you trigger the shutter it kicks it out of group mode. I guess a work around for this would be using separate radio triggers as I am above but that kind of defeats the purpose of having everything built in - but it is a possible work around for those who don't want to spring for the 5D MKIII.

In terms of using the flashes with the 5D MKIII they are excellent so far. Super fast to turn on, setup and link. Then just make your adjustments and shoot away.

Apr 05, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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