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Archive 2012 · Sharpening for non-PS users
Fred Miranda
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p.3 #1 · p.3 #1 · Sharpening for non-PS users

I used to convert to LAB for luminosity sharpening in Photoshop. However, this is already built-in in LR. It will concentrate the sharpening on the luminance channel therefore avoiding creating color artifacts. Remember that this is sharpening for the "screen". Before printing your photo, another sharpening step must be applied depending on the resolution and paper used. (Also excellent and built-in in LR)

When clicking on the option key on the Mac (Alt for PC) and moving the sharpening sliders, you will see a preview of the "Luminance" channel and how the sliders are affecting it. The detail and masking are very powerful tools.

You have to go beyond the default settings. Here are a few starting points:
1) Landscape photo well exposed shot with very low noise and lots of fine detail:
Amount: 45, Radius 0.7, detail 65 and Masking 0

2) Landscape photo with minimal noise (introduced in post production) and lots of fine detail:
Amount: 40 Radius 0.8 detail 30 and Masking 0

3) Portrait & High ISO photos:
Amount: 34, Radius 1.4, detail 20 and Masking 85

BTW: Lightroom has built-in sharpening presets for scenic and portraits that are already excellent.

May 03, 2012 at 09:57 PM
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p.3 #2 · p.3 #2 · Sharpening for non-PS users

Jaakko, thank you!

Fred, the preview in LR using the option key is known to me. I found the results of the settings that I tried great - until I saw these step size reduction and sharpening methods.
However I will try the settings you wrote and see if I get something comparable or even better out of them.
May I ask about your take regarding size reduction? Reducing width and height in LR was (for me) always part of an export sequence. That made it an ultimate final step - one step, to be precise. Now I am uncertain how sharpening and size reduction in LR affect an image negatively (?)

May 03, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Sven Jeppesen
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p.3 #3 · p.3 #3 · Sharpening for non-PS users

Thanks Fred, I will try that later

May 05, 2012 at 12:36 PM
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p.3 #4 · p.3 #4 · Sharpening for non-PS users

Thread resurrection!

Samuli - I want to register my grateful thanks for detailing the Bash script using ImageMagick.

I had previously used variations of actions you had posted in other PP threads on here, however seldom did I feel like laboriously going through such a manual (menu option) series of stepwise resizes and sharpens in Gimp, following creation of a TIFF in C1 Pro (I haven't explored it's own scripting capabilities).

Your script now enables me to set up a number of different sharpening and resize regimes for different types of file, both output format and subject. This will be really helpful to me as I have a 100 page A3 photobook deadline looming in about 8 days. I can now concentrate on TIF production, knowing that final batch resize/sharpen can be done using a suitable script.

Here are 2 1200w jpegs produced using your script - from 16 bit TIFs

I haven't tweaked the settings in your script to explore optimum output for these files: it looks to me like there is slight aliasing on the glider towplane rope for example.

Sony A7R, Canon 80-200/4L 'Samuli' script output

Sony A7R, Canon 80-200/4L 'Samuli' script output

Mar 11, 2014 at 12:52 PM

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p.3 #5 · p.3 #5 · Sharpening for non-PS users

Also wanted to say thanks to Samuli for this script. I found it very helpful. For Mac users, it was relatively painless to get ImageMagick and ExifTool up and running using homebrew (just be sure to use the option --with-libtiff).

I'm sure others are already doing this, but it was also super handy to assign this script as an auto Post-Processing step after exporting in Lightroom. Just make sure to set the script up to run in the background so it doesn't make Lightroom wait for the script to finish.

Jul 19, 2014 at 09:26 PM
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