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Archive 2012 · Who is the price leader now?
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We all can recall many posts in several forums regarding how much more affordable Canon exotic glass is than Nikon's. Not anymore.

Just one example: Canon's upcoming 500 f4 I S II is going to cost more than a whopping $10,000!........this compared to Nikon's 500 f4 VR (which has been a VR II since its intro) for somewhat over $8,000. I guess it must be research and development cost. The new Canon shaves off a little over a pound weight, cuts less than a foot off the MFD and I believe just does catch up to the 4 stop VR feature.

I have been toiling with buying a used Canon 500 when the new IS II's come out and the used IS I's start to show. I still may do it. But why? I do think that the two brands are about equal in quality. And their competition seems to be improving the quality of both.

I will admit that I expect a better attitude from NIKONUSA. It really must rethink its service policy. Thanks go to Thom Hogan for his comments on the web regarding USA's policies.

Canon support has a wonderful attitude! Looks like I may be buying one of the those used IS's anyway.


Jan 25, 2012 at 07:29 PM

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