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Archive 2011 · AF-confirm C/Y-EOS-Dandelion
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · AF-confirm C/Y-EOS-Dandelion

I have got the Dandelion AF-confirm adapter C/Y-EOS from peleng8.com

First i was very upset about the englisch and german instruction. totally confusive.
You must know i have just go my first EOS 5 analogue only.

1. one has the adjust EV! They say 1/3 EV. + or -?
Found out that my cam has only 1/2 steps. 1/2 EV. puzzled reading first page. Then on page two the explanation that some functions do not work. Which ones?

2. This two-page manual does not inform about the lever inside camera-mount which if its there must be pushed up. Its on the main site only

3. Finally i could program Focus-confirmation.
Then tried to program aperture and FL.
Fortunately i have found more detailed informations tagotech.com(they have chips)
At least the standard instructions should help. I thought.

And here:

Cannot set FL properly
FL at f5.6
e.g. 50mm(00050 as commands)) i must press the shutter-button five times with the following apertures set: 1. f4.0(first digit 0) 2. f4.0(second digit 0) 3. F4.0(third digit 0) 4. f7.1 fourth digit 5(but i dont have 7.1, only 6.7) 5. fifth digit 0

Aperture 1.4
Since i have set the wrong aperture i must reset the chip.
this could mean starting from scratch.
1. focus confirm
2. aperture
leaving out Focallenght.

EMF or Dandelion?
I would like to get eighter an EMF-version from europe-where i am-or from the usa. Shipping from china maybe takes too long. Thanks a lot

One shot or AiServo?
Misleading informations if one or the other settings must be used.

Here is a detailed instruction-in german only.

Here i have found instructions:

Dec 15, 2011 at 01:43 PM

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