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Archive 2011 · AF-confirm C/Y-EOS-Dandelion
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · AF-confirm C/Y-EOS-Dandelion

I have got the Dandelion AF-confirm adapter C/Y-EOS from peleng8.com

First i was very upset about the englisch and german instruction. totally confusive.
You must know i have just go my first EOS 5 analogue only.

1. one has the adjust EV! They say 1/3 EV. + or -?
Found out that my cam has only 1/2 steps. 1/2 EV. puzzled reading first page. Then on page two the explanation that some functions do not work. Which ones?

2. This two-page manual does not inform about the lever inside camera-mount which if its there must be pushed up. Its on the main site only

3. Finally i could program Focus-confirmation.
Then tried to program aperture and FL.
Fortunately i have found more detailed informations tagotech.com(they have chips)
At least the standard instructions should help. I thought.

And here:

Cannot set FL properly
FL at f5.6
e.g. 50mm(00050 as commands)) i must press the shutter-button five times with the following apertures set: 1. f4.0(first digit 0) 2. f4.0(second digit 0) 3. F4.0(third digit 0) 4. f7.1 fourth digit 5(but i dont have 7.1, only 6.7) 5. fifth digit 0

Aperture 1.4
Since i have set the wrong aperture i must reset the chip.
this could mean starting from scratch.
1. focus confirm
2. aperture
leaving out Focallenght.

EMF or Dandelion?
I would like to get eighter an EMF-version from europe-where i am-or from the usa. Shipping from china maybe takes too long. Thanks a lot

One shot or AiServo?
Misleading informations if one or the other settings must be used.

Here is a detailed instruction-in german only.

Here i have found instructions:

Dec 15, 2011 at 01:43 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · AF-confirm C/Y-EOS-Dandelion

Meanwhile after testing the peleng8-adapter with dandelion chip here is the depressive result:
every time when changing lens one had to bend inwards the lens-locker-blade.
After a certain time this blade will break, which occurred this year. i didnt use it excessively. just to test at home. Sent back now.
Having now three adapter-versions here are the dimensions(thickness) of all three blades:
0.22mm Noname with EMF-chip
0.4mm Peleng8 with Dandelion-chip
0.7mm not chipped yet K+F Concept by Keithfaith dot com(on FB)
maybe i already opened a thread about the adapter-findings for C/Y-EOS.
K+F Concept has the best of the affordable adapters(i think it cannot be made better) but i dont know the expensive ones which also have no chip.
But i had optixpcb high-precision with their chip (has 3-lens-option) and lens-locker is terrible. and lens wobbly. signal get lost. just sent it back to get money-back.
K+F Concept goes PAST infinity so also badly or deadjusted lens can surely see infinity. maybe there is a solution to set infinity exactly for each lens. using shim.
Also on this adapter one must adjust the blade from time to time-bending inwards. it depend the situation on the lens. some slots are worn out.
here are most sophisticated tips about Contax/Yashica-EOS-adapters:

here one will learn how to adjust certain adapters for best fitting.
K+F Concept-adapter has all the options for this procedures.
its holding the lenses perfectly, almost no play, base for properly working chip.
Have now also found the right adapter.
Optikpcb with its easy programming and 3-lens-option would have been perfect but has i a big disadvantage: its flat wheras tagotech-chip is mounted on a piece of stairs-dont know the right word-here you can see it: the curved black plastic right from the chip(btw: the mounting-instructions are far from clear-i am about to get them hopefully) i have a second identical zeiss-lenses with the noname-adapter for comparison.

Jul 12, 2016 at 08:23 PM

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