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Archive 2011 · Phottix Odin triggers
Jim Quinn
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I would appreciate knowing the experiences of anyone here who has used Phottix Odin radio flash trigger transmitters and receivers with Canon cameras.They seem to have the same functions as the Pocket Wizard Flex/Mini system, and they include the ability to control the power of separate groups of lights, a function that's only possible in the PW world with an add-on AC3 module.

Of course the Odin system is designed to work with Canon speedlites in manual and ETTL modes. But there are times when I would like to work with a combnation of Canon flashes AND AC--powered strobes (Buff AB800s now; possibly Einsteins in the future). The PW system allows that - IF you buy a Mini or Flex transmitter, a separate AC3 module to go on top of it, a Flex receiver for each light, and an additional Buff-related flash module (I forget the model number) for each AC light. That gets very complex and quite expensive, but it seems to be the only way to control this sort of mixed-lightsource system. If the Odin system can be made to do this, too, it would seem to be ideal.

Thanks for any information you care to share.

Dec 08, 2011 at 08:34 PM
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I started a thread on wireless ETTL in the camera forum. On paper it can do what you are talking about. However, pixel king "King" sytem purports to do the same thing but it doesn't work properly on 5d / 580EX combination and I got no response back from their customer support. It had good reviews too but because odin,pw & pixelking are reverse engineering the ettl protocols there is a large margin for error. Note that 2-3 years after the PWs first came out there are still reports or RF interference.

If you are thinking that the Odin will allow you to control the power settings of your AB flashes, it will not.

Dec 12, 2011 at 02:17 AM

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