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I have received a lot of post recently and heard discussions on the posts that are appropriate and not appropriate on the Sports Corner Forum. Before we get into the points bellow, let me enforce one thing. This is not the Sports Corner Forum. This is the Sports Corner Board on the Fred Miranda Forums. The Forum has all sorts of boards dedicated to numerous genres of photography, gear, editing, and more. All the Boards on this Forum can be a great tool for everyone and I encourage people to visit more than just the Sports Corner. There are some very talented members who never step foot in the Sports Corner that we can all learn stuff from.

One of the main reasons there are different Boards in the Forum is to avoid cluttering up the place. It keeps things organized and easier to navigate than other popular photography forums out there. And honestly, no matter how Fred sets up the rules for the Forum, and how Moderators run their boards, not everyone will agree with everything we do. We do the best we can. Between shooting full time, taking care of my mom full time, and trying to have some sort of life outside in the real world, I do not have the time or the desire to moderate a unorganized open forum with little to no posting rules. If we all follow the FM Forum rules and any individual Board rules, and utilize the Boards, this will be a happy place, or as happy as it can be.

I suggest that you all take a moment to review the following links:

FM Forum Rules · FM FAQ's · Sports Corner Resources

The Shooting Guides in the SC Resource link are broken, but can be found


These links should give you most of the general information you might need from what is appropriate to post, how to post images either with image upload or with html links, and image size recommendations.

Now let me stress some things.

1. Gear posts - As mentioned above, this is not the only message board here at FM, and that not every shooter here uses Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, etc. Fred has Gear Talk boards set up for your gear specific posts. So, if you want to know if a Canon 300 IS F4 is a good indoor sports lens, use the Canon-mount SLR's board, or if you need settings help for you spanking new Nikon D300, use the Nikon-mount SLR's board. Using the, "I want sports photographers opinions so I am posting here" on your gear posts does not float with me. Just because this is a Sports Photography board does not mean that the users here do not look at the other boards here. In fact, the other boards can offer you a lot of great information that you can bring into your sports shooting. I suggest you use all the boards here to really grow as a photographer. I really suggest that you use all the boards here. Just because you shoot sports only does not mean that you can not benefit from the knowledge of the other photographers here. You might shoot action only and then get hit up for senior photos, or Team and Individual where the portrait boards, lighting, wedding, and gear boards will come in handy.

That being said, there are SOME gear post that are perfectly welcome here. If your post is about:

Amending this list, I would also not see a problem with posts regarding DSLR Rigs for shooting Sports Video with our video capable DSLR's, anything that would make shooting video of sports easier.

Other than those specific topics, please use the gear boards.

2. Posting - The main purpose of photography is to take photos, but what good are these photos if you do not share them? This is a Sports Photography presentation board, and you are encouraged to share your photos. By sharing your photos you can learn from listening to critiques from others to help you make better pictures and you can teach others by answering questions like gear used, lighting, Exif information, and more. But just because you have 500 photos you want to share, please do not post them all here. Posts that receive the most constructive critiques contain between 5 and 10 photos. This is a good number that people will take the time to look at each photo and comment on each one individually. If you really want to share more than 10, create a gallery (FM offers hosting here) elsewhere and provide a link to it. It is also a good idea to limit the images in linked galleries, as most people will not look at a 10 page gallery with 50 photos on each page. Not posting images but links to images, or links to pages with the images is fine, but will not result in as many comments. Now, some images do need to be linked, and those images are covered in the FM Rules link above.

While posts of 5 and 10 photos will get the most critiques, you are more than welcome to post more, but remember, not everyone has DSL or broadband, or us mobile devices that loading a post with a ton of photos may take a long time. So please be considerate of others who may have issues. Also, if you have multiple photos to post, like from one event, please include all those photos in one post. Making 10 separate post for each photo just makes more work for moderators to combine all your posts into one single post.

3. Critiques - When giving or receiving critiques, please, listen to them, and please act in a professional manor. If an image is posted and you are commenting on it, instead of posting "It sucks" or "Sweet!!!", expand on that comment. Why do you think it sucks? What do you think could have been done to make it better? I would prefer you not use the term sucks, but I am using it as a negative example. If the image is sweet, why? What do you like about it.

When receiving a critique, whether you like it or not, there will be negative responses along with positive responses. Do not let the negatives get to you, but try to learn from them. If someone gives you a harsh critique, telling you that all your images "suck", look at what they are talking about, learn from it and apply what you learn to the next time you are out shooting. Not one of us can make a perfect, award quality photo every single time we hit the shutter button, but we can get closer to that by learning from each image we post.

Like all forums on the internet, not everyone will be helpful. If you are constantly being hit with negative posts from one specific person you have three choices that are appropriate. You can choose to disregard that user, you can contact either myself or Fred, or can use the Hide Me button and not worry about seeing their posts. Any other actions, that result in editing language of posts, removing posts, or locking threads because of verbal attacks or fights can result in the banning of both parties involved. Which brings me to...

4. Professionalism - Do not be baited into a verbal battle with people on the open boards. It will make others view you with less respect and it takes away from the site. If you just can not hold your tongue, use the pm or email buttons and keep it out of the open forum. Think before you post. Will this post piss Fred or Carl off? Will this cause an uproar in the Sports Corner? If you think it could fuel a already burning fire, or start a fire, please, do not make that post. It is not worth it on any level.

5. I want a job! - Please do not post classifieds here. If you want a job shooting, or if you need help shooting, this is not the place to post those requests. Once one is posted, the board gets flooded with requests like this and that is not something we want here. Please use other resources like CraigsList, or if you are a member, the SportsShooter site for these types of requests. And to draw from 4. above, be professional. If you are a good shooter, but get into verbal altercations here, and myself or other pro members happen across a job in your are that we may need help with, or can not do and want to recommend someone else to them, you might just miss out. As an example, I hooked a member here up as an assistant to Robert Seale when he was with the Sporting News. If this member would have been a jerk, I do not care how good a shooter he was, I would not have given him this opportunity. But he posted regularly, wanted to learn everything he could, accepted critiques as a learning experience, applied what he learned into his shooting, assisted others with tips and critiques, and is now a working photographer.

I also mentioned in this point SportsShooter.....

6. I need a sponsor - No. These posts will be locked or deleted. Period. The FM Forums are not the place to ask for a sponsor to SportsShooter. If you need to find one, be a positive member of the boards. Actively participate in critiques, post photos and show each time you shoot and post that you are trying to get better and better, and you will make friends. Many members here are SportsShooter members, and as you earn respect here and become an asset to these boards, or at least someone who is professional and shows that they want to learn and become a better photographer, you will be able to find someone who may sponsor you. But ask via PM and do not pester SS members. I can tell you that when I sponsor someone, it is not an easy process. Ask Tazo. I sponsored him as soon as he was old enough, and it was a long process of getting dozens and dozens of his select images down to 10 stellar images to submit to SS, and even then, he was denied his first time. But then he got in, and now he has walked away with the best student portfolio at the SportsShooter Academy. But it was not an easy deal. I personally will make you cry with harsh critiques because I want you to bring me your best, because that is what SportsShooter deserves from FM, the best.

Now, a point I forgot to post here originally, Transportation photos.

6. Transportation - There are posts that are appropriate for the Sports Corner, and posts that fall into the City, Still Life & Abstract board. Any sort of vehicle on a race track, in a race, from SCCA up to Nascar or F1, races for boats, planes, cars, trucks, bikes, trikes, lawnmowers, are all fine here. Static shots in the garage, on the start line, being towed to the track, or towed off the track, all great.

Shots of your Honda you drive to work on a daily basis that is decked out in JDM gear, sitting on a grassy field are not for the Sports Corner. Please use the City, Still Life & Abstract board. Same goes for Airlines taking off or landing, trains, car shows, air shows, etc.

Please follow the rules Fred has set out for us, and these simple Sports Corner posting guides.

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