Landscape Posting Guidelines

In an effort to make a more pleasant viewing experience for everyone, and also to assist in giving good feedback to those who post, please note the following guidelines:

This forum is for the presentation and discussion of presented images. All gear discussions go to the gear forums. Trip location advice should be posted on the Trip Location Advice & Member Meet-ups board.

One new thread per day. This code will prevent members from posting more than one new thread in a 24-hour period.

The 10 bump limit: The original poster (OP) can only bump his/her own thread to the top of the page for a maximum of ten (10) times by replying to it. Any further reply by the OP will not bump it to the top. However replies from other FM members will always bump the thread to the top without restrictions.
Note: In addition, the thread will not bump if the OP makes a consecutive reply. In other words, replying to yourself will not bump the post.

Threads should be posted in the appropriate board. If necessary, at our discretion, FM moderators reserve the right to move, merge, or delete threads without warning.

No commercial listings in any form (Example: link to workshops, etc.)

When starting a new thread, please limit your post to 5 images. Exceptions will be considered case by case.

If you are desiring more in-depth critiques, please only post one or two photos or use the critique forum.

When posting multiple images, please number them.

No editing or processing of other users photographs without their direct permission.

Suggested photo size for posting is 1200px longest side.

If posting Panoramas, 800px on the height and let the width go where it will.

Keep logos and Watermarks to a small size and inobtrusive placement.

Please no links to others sites.

We prefer not to see links that lead to your photos. If your files are hosted on a flash based system, then sign up for Upload & Sell here on FM.

Now there are always exceptions to the rule. But please try to follow these as much as possible.