WA rules

 New pictures only. Please help maintain this board as a learning tool for the photographers who participate. Only pictures taken during the assignment week may be submitted. Images outside the deadline won't be allowed to be posted.

 Your submission MUST have exactly 800 pixels for its longest dimension (no less, no more). Since entries can have a maximum dimension size of 800 pixels, it's advisable to keep them free of frames. However, Upload & Sell members may use the preset frames as they won't affect image size.

 Your submission MUST be embedded onto your message (It can't be presented as a URL link)


 All entries can be seen simultaneously as thumbnails. The presentation link is: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/WA

 When voting for the assignment winners, keep in mind that you can vote only for one entry, one vote = one point. The vote cannot be changed/cancelled. And you are not allowed to vote for your own entry. The winners will be automatically calculated based on the points they received. In case of a tie, the oldest post wins.

 Montage techniques are allowed but should be functional and kept to a minimum. Your entries for the weekly assignment should highlight your photographic skills, not your software knowledge.

 There are several ways to submit your images: The first one is by using the Upload & Sell membership. The second is by subscribing to the FM Gallery host service and posting your image full link to the message. Finally you could also link your image from your own webpage or photo service site.

 If more feedback is needed before posting here, first post your image in the Critique forum. Then post your final shot here.

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