FM Digital Warm-Cool

FM Digital Warm-Cool is the newest addition to the digital darkroom essential tools. It was designed to aid photographers achieve different moods for their photos by imitating warm or cool lighting conditions.

How does it work?
FM Digital Warm-Cool consists of 16 intensities based on the 2 most commonly used photographic filters-- warming and cooling. The effect is created in post-production without any loss of image quality since color enhancement is not done directly to the original picture. Now all of your images that were shot in less than ideal lighting conditions can have the mood you are looking for. For example, images shot at high noon can now have a Sunrise or Sunset color quality with the press of a button!

The FM Digital Warm-Cool action includes warming and cooling Wizards that will walk you through the process while letting you decide which color mood level better suits your work.

FM Digital Warm-Cool is compatible with images from all digital cameras or scanned film. It works with Photoshop 6, 7 or higher - PC or Mac

FM Digital Warm-Cool action palette and its 16 intensities.


FM Digital Warm-Cool sample: (Warm filter)

FM Warm-Cool (Warm 2)
FM Warm-Cool (Warm 4)


There are also special effect levels included with the FM Warm-Cool action. Below is a warming special effect sample: (cooling special effects also available)

Very warm (Special effect only)




FM Digital Warm-Cool sample: (Cool filter)

FM Warm-Cool (Cool 4)