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Web Presenter Pro
PC and Mac


Introducing the WP Pro 16-bit series

The highest quality downsampling tool

The Web Presenter 16-bit* FM Plugin is the result of many months of development and replaces all previous general and custom-made WP actions. With this new essential digital darkroom Photoshop Plugin, photographers have access to powerful and flexible options for customizing their own image downsampling output. The possibilities are infinite. Choose from any pixel dimension or even downsample your images by scale by using smart algorithms.

When it comes to outputting digital files for the web, monitor or projectors, some photographers may have difficulty obtaining sharp and detailed resized files. The WP Pro series Plugin and its automated routines come to the rescue by providing high image quality files with just the press of a button.

The main concept of this professional Plugin is to offer one solution for all digital files.

Note: PC version illustrations will be shown throughout this page. Identical features are available for Mac users. The new interface functionality and concept was based on the feedback from many photographers looking for the highest quality when downsampling their files and presenting them on the web, monitor or projector. The WP Pro plugin is the next generation downsampling tool and it's part of the FM Essential Digital Darkroom plugins.


This example compares the WP Pro Plugin to normal Photoshop downsampling. (100% original file after resizing)

Photoshop downsampling

WP Pro Plugin (No sharpening)



Photoshop downsampling

WP Pro Plugin (No sharpening)


WP Pro Plugin settings:

'Original Size' field:

The Original Size field shows your original file setting, which is an important reference before running WP Pro.


Pixel Dimensions: 1648 X 2464 Pixels (Original Width X Height)


WP Pro resizing methods:

Three (3) powerful and flexible downsampling methods are available. Photographers can choose from:

Decrease image by Percentage (%)

With this option you may resize your files based on scale. For example, if you enter 50% at the Increase image field, WP Pro will provide you 1/2 of your original dimension. Therefore, if your original file is: 1648 X 2464 pixels, entering 50% will resize it to 824 X 1232 pixels.


Set image size

In the above example, I added 1232 pixels width. The height of 824 pixels was added automatically based on the original image aspect ratio.


Sharpening options (Works with any of the above WP downsampling methods)

The default sharpening setting for WP Pro is 'No sharpening'. However, you can add special formulated sharpening to your images during resize. Two sharpening options are available: Low and High sharpening.