Velvia Vision v1.5 plugin (VV)

From the creation of the popular Digital Velvia (DV) action, Velvia Vision™ v1.5 has evolved. It is a new Photoshop plug-in designed to enhance color and tone in your photographs. It provides a 200% range of error-free color intensity as well as smart algorithms to increase contrast, create moods and expand tonal range. With this new tool, photographers can preview settings and tweak intensity results for maximum control over their work. Another feature unique to this plugin, is that you can save and load your own Velvia Vision profiles.

This plug-in is compatible with JPEG files straight from the camera or TIFF/JPEG files converted from RAW files. It's also compatible with RAW files when using Adobe Camera RAW v2.3 or higher (Compatible with all digital cameras or scanned film files)

PC Version Inteface:


Mac Version Inteface:

NOTE: PC and MAC FM plugins are offered as separate packages. Make sure to download the correct one for your operating system.


Learning the Velvia Vision plugin interface:
Full instructions included in the Velvia Vision User Manual PDF file

Settings: Velvia Vision allows photographers to save and load their own custom settings. You will be able to create as many Velvia Vision settings as desired to ease your workflow. In the example below, you can see that I have saved settings for different projects:


How to save custom Velvia Vision settings:


In the example above, Velvia Vision was set with the following options:

  • Velvia Vison Intensity = 25%
  • Smart Contrast = Contrast 2 with Smart color correction and Neutralize midtones checked
  • Warm Colors = Intensity 1
  • Add Dynamic Range = Level 3
  • Layer Options = Save result as layer -- checked

In order to save these settings for future use, I clicked on the "Save" button and created a custom setting called: "Fall colors".



Velvia Vision Intensity slider:

Velvia Vision offers a 200% range (-100 to 100%) of error-free color enhancement intensity. Move the slider above zero to enhance colors and below zero to decrease color information from your files.
Default = 0 (Zero)

Smart Contrast: This option enhances tonal range whenever needed without clipping important highlight and shadow detail. Choose from 4 intensities. "Contrast 1" is the safest setting with no loss of shadow/highlight detail. "Contrast 4" is the strongest setting and will result in minor range clipping. (This clipping will not be detected in prints). "Contrast 2" and "Contrast 3" are the recommended settings.



Note: Velvia Vision under Photoshop 6 is limited to one Smart Contrast intensity.

In the Smart Contrast Box you can also correct color with the following options: Smart color correction and Neutralize midtones.


When both are unchecked, color casts will not be corrected. However, if your image needs color correction the plugins smart automated algorithms can calculate this for you. Just select one or both of these options.


Warm Colors: This is a great feature if you need to add an afternoon sunlight effect to your image. Some photographers like to refer to this as "golden light". There are three intensity levels to choose from. "Intensity 3" has the strongest effect.


Add dynamic range: This option rescues important shadow and highlight detail, expanding your photo's tonal range.

Global Intensity Tweak slider:
The Intensity tweak slider is a powerful and flexible option included with this plug-in.

The Global Intensity Tweak slider allows you to tweak the results you see on screen. As you move the slider from 100% (default) to your desired level, the results will change on your image instantaneously.

Before and After Buttons: Click on the Before button to view the original file. Click on the After button to view the Velvia Vision result.


Layer Options: Check this option of you would like to save your Velvia Vision results in a separate layer while keeping your original work intact. Working with a new layer is great for creating layer masks, or editing selected areas.




Example 1:

Before Velvia Vision

After Velvia Vision




Example 2:


Before Velvia Vision

After Velvia Vision