Moiré Reducer (MR) - For all digital cameras

It works with all digital camera jpeg or Tiff files. Many professional digital cameras, including Kodak 760 and Canon 1D sometimes produce high frequency details well known as Moiré patterns.

This happens when not using an anti-alias filter on the Kodak 760 SLR. It also happens with some images captured with the Canon 1D since it is using a weaker anti-alias filter in front of the sensor.

Moiré Reducer (MR), will emulate the use of a stronger anti-alias filter reducing or completely eliminating color moiré without reduction of sharpness or color qualityMR is compatible with Photoshop 6.0 or higher (PC and MAC). Currently not compatible with PhotoshopLE and Elements.

Check out the samples below: (before & after)




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